Monday, 13 December, 2010


From "One Hour Opera" series, by Misho Baranovic

The train delivers us cleanly.
Our host had said 
the top deck made the best 
She has to doff her magazine 
every time, 
a commuter’s mark of respect.
It is a fitting carriage:
modernity’s chariot 
at the site of its leisure. 
Saturday doers 
nudge the turnstiles. 
Sublime is right, but 
a complex descriptor: 
there is the architect’s gift 
of course
but crowds too have always 
made me conscious
of infinity. 

A couple asks a stranger 
to foster their camera,
directs him to 
just fit in 
as much building as you can. 
The lens levels 
not at their bodies 
but through, a compass 
divining its version of proof. 

If you bought a postcard here, 
bought several, 
you would recognise the pose,
not quite instinctively –
rote learning is 
not quite wisdom. 
But you know 
the candent carapace 
with or without 
the Sydney scrawl, 
despite the sunset having weakened 
to a greenish canker. 

Or maybe 
that card arrived once
rolled up with the gas bills 
and beneath an inky stamp 
was that familiar recline,
a theme varied, hawked 
in school-books and gazettes. 
The city’s autograph 
by cheap inks: 
moon moulds 
in silhouette, parted 
cockatoo crest. 

Up close, angles are 
just angles. 
Whites differ. 
Forced to look, 
it’s impossible to see 
but parts for the whole.
The clouds are filmy 
sacs, slowly 
The shells become shelter 
when rain bursts.

Friday, 10 December, 2010

One Hour Opera

One Hour Opera: Mobile Impressions of an Icon, 2010

One Hour Opera is an independent zine project featuring photography by mishobaranovic, and writing by myself and whilebird. The project documents our impressions of one of the world’s most documented tourist sites, during a recent trip to Sydney.   

Click on the cover art above to view the magazine on Magcloud. You can also purchase a print copy there.

Feel free to email us on if you have any questions/comments about the publication. Or, let me know your thoughts on here!